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Monday, August 8, 2011

The Historical Successes & Failures of White & Other Male Leadership

Part 2:  Simply consider what is and has been transpiring in male-dominated Washington DC, the House and the Senate of late:

There have been Abraham Lincolns and Dr. Martin Luther Kings, on the other hand there have been Adolf Hitler's, Tito's, Mussolini's, Grand Wizards of the Ku Klux Klan, Bull Connor's and other white Aryan hate leaders in the West. 

All of this being done in a majoritarian female society, males insist on dominating.  Male instructions when it comes to females:  "KEEP HER IN CHECK".  When it comes to non-white males, keep them in their places

And clearly, many of America's celebrated founders, were poor examples of what a leader ought to be, unless enslaving people, dominating their wives, sleeping with under age children, amassing the majority of the wealth, genocide or refusing to fairly compensate laborers for their work is something to be proud of, and many of them were, and some are guilty of doing just that, today.  

So, have white, and other male leaders done any better or worse than black male leaders in America or around the world?  Answer:  It depends on who you ask?  However, and having said this, the point of my paper is not to say which group has done a better job than the other.  If anything, it is to point out how male leadership, regardless of race, natural origin or creed, has had its share of successes, along with an enormity of egregious failures across the board, probably due to one common denominator.

What has been the missing link from my point of view, when it comes to male leadership?  It is simply, the historical oppression of the other voice, the feminine voice.   , which brings balance.  One thing that all male groups agree on, regardless of racial distinction, it is that males were and are supposed to lead, it was and is a divine right from the male point of view.  However, when it come to the historical failures of male leadership, all of the sudden, the male voice is muted, when it comes to who is responsible for our failures - if nothing else, we will blame our moms, a female!. 

Let's consider the American experiment for example.  From a male perspective, white males have created the greatest system that the world has ever known.  However, is that true?

Well, let's examine the formula that was employed to get America, a nation that is presently struggling, as a result of questionable male leadership in Washington DC, Corporate America in the pulpits and elsewhere.  We males cannot blame the current gridlock in Washington DC, corporate America or elsewhere on females, can we?.  

What was the American white male's success formula, if the acquisition of wealth, accumulating property or subjugating women is a success story?  It was essentially what Hegel said:  "acquire property, and pursue power through class struggle. 

And white males when they entered into this hemisphere, essentially did just that, acquired property and formed a powerful closed class group, in to pursue power and to dominate, everything, including females,  in the new world.  The formula included taking the property from its current inhabitants, some have estimated that the number of individuals in the northern and southern hemisphere, may have been nearly 70 million people.

After taking the property, to exterminate its detractors, Hitleresque style; claiming the property, bringing in more individuals from overseas to broaden their class group, and to acquire an unpaid involuntary work-force, mostly from overseas which they brought to new found land, which they claimed to be divinely their own.  

And, from the free capital that was derived from slave laborers, indentured and bondservants, a coterie of white males, enriched themselves, a legacy that continues to this day, a consequence of inherited wealth, investments and by controlling the wealth of the nation by controlling the government and conscription. 

Mercantilism, sugar, tobacco, cotton ... eventually led to inventions like the Cotton Gin, Nuclear Weapons, Android phones, but always with a profit and power  in mind, in other words, a who will be "Lord of the Flies", mentality. Lord of the flies syndrome, seems to be inherent in most every powerful male

to be continued and corrected .....  

I was seventeen years old when I decided to try out my inherent power to tell a female what to do.  She was short of stature, I was tall, so I instructed her to stand on the sofa in her mom's basement, so that I could get me a smoocheroo.  She refused to follow my male instructions, both times.  Now what do you do, I thought, when they refuse to follow instructions?  Back to the drawing board I thought, and so much for keeping them (females) in check, I thought.  And in the event that you were wondering, no, I did not get a smoocheroo that evening!

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