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Wednesday, August 24, 2011

Religious-Fundatmentalist Politics and Hegemony, America's and the World's Problem

Subject:  Taking Charge of American Political, Military and Economic Might - The American Political and Evangelical Right!Evangelicalism on the Right, is as much political as it is religious.  To wit, there is a phrase that you will never hear a fundamentalist utter, be they religious, political or a combination of the two, and it is:   "I BELIEVE that I am right".  

Instead, you will often hear them say, with regard to most any topic, that 'I Am, or We are Right".  It is a canard, the very use of the term Right in whatever context it is used, politically or religiously because it relates to an often used term, righteousness.  And righteousness my friends, relates to God.  

And that is when you should know that something is wrong on the Right, no matter how sincere they are or appear to be.  We call that categorical determinism, and it is a clear sign, that you are speaking with a group of individuals, or dealing with an individual that will never  be convinced by facts.  Why?  Because he or she is self-righteousness, and whatever comes out of their mouths, as far as they are concerned is righteous, if not a part of the divine. 

Therefore, one has to wonder whether or not there is a difference then between a religious fanatic and a political one, I don't believe that there is a difference. A fanatic is a fanatic, no matter how you slice it.  Moderate and other non-fanatical Republicans, are referred to by their counterparts as RINOs, a Republican in name only.  

Stridency, an unwillingness by individuals on the religious and political Right to compromise in government, their communities, at church or anywhere else in the world, has led to America's current social and political divide, as well as the political stalemate that persists in all 3 branches of America's federal government.  and beyond

Their behind-the-scenes control of politicians in Washington and beyond, has  impacted the manner in which America is perceived in the rest of the world and ignited resentment within the rest of the American electorate.. I predict that the majority of America's current problems will disappear, foreign and domestic, when the Religious Right and its sympathizers are put back into 'the right place'. Together, with the devil, they are responsible for the gridlock in Washington, America and other regions of the world.

It is an American form of fanaticism, fascism and western determinism.  

How do I know? A long time ago, I learned by experience, to beware of individuals who believed that whatever they believed, read or came forward from their minds, or lips was and is the only 'right', in deference to all evidence to the contrary, or their of scholarship!

Both, our antagonists and protagonists on the right, have abandoned the righteousness of the God that they claim to believe in, and instead they have been and are pursuing political means, tactics and measures in order to establish their own form of righteous aims.  In other words, they are going about to establish their own Righteousness and their vehicle of choice is the political process, not God or prayer!.  

Why? God clearly is, and has failed them, and they have taken matters into their own hands.   Therefore, and in order to regain control of America, the American narrative; America's economic and military might, and their self-conceived rightful place atop the world order, they have taken matters into their own hands.  

Also, by engaging in a political, economic and military strategy or strangulation might be a better term,  they plan to accomplish their real objective, that is to secure their shaky, by the day, place atop the world order.  And as a result, their followers are taught to march, you know left, left, left right left - get it?  Republicans on God's right, and the Liberal goats on God's left, get it!  

Both their frustrations and fear and fears are being driven by the fact that they, like most empires before, are loosing control of their grip on power to rule the world, if not their real American idol, America itself.  Truthfully, they cannot conceive of any other power on earth (or race of people on earth) doing to America, or more appropriately the United States, what the United States has been actively doing to other nations of the world for the past 75 years - dominating them. 

How did they do it?  With economic strangulation, the threat of nuclear annihilation, the venal use of the United Nations ... , militarism ... control of the world-wide macroeconomic system ...aid .... trade ...  credits ...  destablizing nations and other regimes,  shall I go on?

And sadly the deployment of such a vile and pecuniary strategy and tactic, has been done with  the full backing and consent of the majority of America's Christian, mostly conservative, citizenry - the worshipers of the American beast and idol.   Somehow, they have convinced themselves that God has a similar aim in mind,and is with them and their faustian, diabolical plan to preserve sinful America in its lofty place atop the current world order. 

In other words God is saying, America, I give you power over all of the power of the enemy, non-Americans, and the rest of the world, and nothing, no person or any other nation shall by any means harm, tread or encroach upon you -therefore, do what you will to every other nation and people of the world, even Americans.  

Both the leadership, and sycophants in the  Relight Right, have been operating under false pretenses, by covering themselves and their venal, and e-reprehensible deeds with the veil of Christianity, the church, pulpit, rightist duplicity and propaganda, in order to pursue their unilaterally synergistic political objective of world domination. The sons and daughters of mostly former white racists, intend to preserve America and its place atop the world order in order to perpetuate, expand and prolong  a white separatist cultural ethos and agenda in America and the rest of the world.  

Man, I can hear them now, my former friends who are likely saying:  I didn't know that he, Solomon was like that.  And my enemies, what are they saying in private, "he's right on all points, that the Right is using its latest political arm, the church, along with the economy, politics, the very naive America electorate ... in order to secure our place in America and the world"! 

And how did they accomplish their objective of using clerics turn politicians to accomplish their aims.  Its simple:  Many of the leaders on the Right, especially in the church, have always had an American state first, God second agenda. 

Their greatest fear is that minorities in America and the rest of the world, from their perspective (, including 1.2 B Chinese of late, the USSR before), will someday rule the world and do to America  's forbearers, what America has been doing to them for nearly a century now. And just to keep the record straight, the rest of us are not the minorities.  

Now to the dismay of some of my critics, I really don't have a dog in the fight, in fact, I find it someone comical, that the members of their Think Tanks, believe that the rest of us are so stupid.  I figured out what these goons were up to, when I was still in my teens.  The individuals on the so called conservative Right, who have been in the church as long or longer than I have been, have always made it their practice to pursue a 'Lord of the Flies'.  Baalzebub?

Some of the aforementioned, particularly the ones who are so vested in world domination, wealth and power, to the extent that they are spending all of their time trying to hold on to power, leads me to believe that there is a significant amount of cognitive dissonance in terms of what they preach, and what they truly believe and want.  .  

Now, where have we heard this before, that is the need to dominate a region or people, and to amass sufficient force and forces to conquer and to rule then the world and to claim that God is in the mix?
Should we think of Nimrod, or any other hierarchaly- structured society, ants perhaps?  Er herm.  

Is America, being ruled by principalities and rulers of the darkness of this or some other dominion? Oh come on Reverend Solomon, you are thinking, you know that we are God's chosen people, put here to rule the world?  Au contraire mon frehr, I do not believe western-style Christianity, and its leaders, political or religious are God's chosen people.  Even if they were at one time, clearly, they have veered off course.

I believe that what we refer to as God, has far more in mind, in terms of destiny, than catering to certain American's, nationalistic wunderlust and their incessant thirst for power, wealth and the spiritual and physical domination of the cosmos.  In other words, if all of the years that we have spent in the church, and their singular aim has been to rule the Earth, which is exactly what some want, then something is evidently wrong in the force Luke, even more than we know or can bring ourselves to confess..  

Is it even conceivable that America has been and is till being deceived?  Or to put it another way, is it even conceivable that the group of Americans, mostly on the Right, who believe that it is their manifest destiny to rule the world, believe that all Americans were chosen by God  (them actually) to be a part of their sinister plan? No, that cannot be.  Why?  The majority of the American chosen, would utter, we are God's chosen people, which will explain why we as a nation have trumped all of the other nations of the world for the past 75 years, correct?  

However, I believe that our nation has been and is being deceived, and, that the agency and agents that are being used in this deceptive ploy  are some of America's most highly-visible rightist Christian political and religious leaders, individuals who have made a pact with the devil.    

What is their motivation again, it is a desire and a sense of entitlement, that somehow it is their right to rule the world in accordance with their design for the world.  So, have they really died to the flesh, while preaching and teaching others, that is what God wants them to do?  From my perspective, it does not appear to be so.  Instead, it would appear that they are being motivated by the lusts of the flesh and the eye, along with the pride of life.  Those are still the most dominant forces that exist in their religious and political lives.  

Could you imagine what some of the American Idol worshipers would do, or how they would react if God showed up and told them, if you want America so badly, and to control the world so badly, that it is yours then to keep? 

If Jesus were to show up today in America, and taught the liberal ideas that he taught during the common era, I suspect that he would experience a reprise of what occurred before as a result of misguided religious and political zealotry.  He would find himself living again among the foxes or in a hole, and alongside America's great unwashed (it's seemingly permanent underclass). 

And it would be fortunate for him I suspect, that we don't hang people on crosses anymore, well not since roughly 25 or 30 years ago.  America's believers in God, of just a couple of decades ago, didn't have a problem with lynching people, which was their form of crucifixion or hanging on a cross.  Jesus the liberal crusader of our time, would have been martyred by individuals who claimed to know who he was!    

The problem with modern-day religious and political conservatives, is the same problem that their forefathers, the harbingers of what I refer to  as "a chosen people complex", had, and it lives on in them  In their minds, God chose them to rule, and God is in agreement with their need to control, to rule and to eliminate anything and anyone, who gets in their and God's way 

So yes, I have shocked some of my friends by writing what I have written, however, if you have read the Canon, you will realize that Jesus shocked more than a few friends, families and neighbors in his day as well, journeyman carpenter that they perceived him to be.  Who does he think that he was, they thought?  

Our modern-day religious/political Pharisees on the Right, are not much different than the political-religious Pharisees of the common period in spirit and in practice.  The former group of Pharisees, also created political alliances with the political power elites of their day, even though spiritually, they had nothing in common with them, other than a carnal need to acquire and to hold onto power by any means necessary.

Too many Americans believe that they are in the place of nations like  Israel for example, and today they are  God's chosen people.  Or, why else has America prospered in the manner that it has.  In other words, it was because of God's love for former Europeans, that he chose them alone to come in and confiscate the land,murder, pillage, rape, molest, enslave, and get rich or die trying.  

Er herm, I don't believe that the Canon should be taken literally, not in every respect, but clearly there is some major disonance between what is written in the Canon, and the manner in which Rightist Christians and politician have conducted themselves in the world today.

Yes, I can see it now, God watched from his Heavenly Throne, just right of Jupiter, and decided, un huh, nukes for the righteous people of America, the apple of his eye.  You know it is kind of like the  Great Flood, God decided that it was time for more genocide, and God overlooked all of the debauchery, theft, threats, rape, murder, pillage, destabiliation ... that was coming from the  people of the Earth that he truly loved, citizens of the United States of America. 

The south promised a comeback,  and they  found that the best route to take was through  conservative religion to be exact.  What I have been observing in churches today, reminds me a lot of what took place in the antebellum south.  Just as it was back then, not so long ago, the majority of Americans either jumped on board or looked the other way given the venal racists policies of the South that had clearly gone amok.. 

Why?  It's what God wanted, that a certain racial group that was full of hatred, and at the same time very religious, would be endued with superior power and abilities from on high in order to rule the masses, and eventually the whole earth.  

Here is a quotation from conservative and former Presidential candidate, Pat Buchanan, taken from his book 'Where The Right Went Wrong', he also recognized the religious-political conundrum, just as I am have done:  "the worship of democracy as a form of governance and the concomitant ambition to see all mankind embrace it, or explain why not. Like all idolatries, democratism substitutes a false god for the real, a love of process[political pragmatism] for a love of country. The true national interests of the United States are not to be found in some hegemonic and Utopian world order. Bush holds global democracy as a goal. This is a formula for endless ...".

Not only Bush, but so do his friends on the religious and the political right, who oftentimes appear as a 2-headed beast, walking hand in hand towards triumpht!  Whoever dreamed that citizens of any nation or culture would have to fear their religious leaders, and the institutions that they preside over.  Decades ago, up and until Ron Reagan put an end to the great society, liberalism and the liberal church were at their zenith.  During and following the Raegan years, conservatives and conservative religious groups are having their turn.

And that I believe is the spirit of error that has been masquerading  in the name of the Lord in America, at least for the past 3 decades!  For having left the righteousness of God, and having become frustrated with the slow progress of change, they have gone about to establish their own righteousness, through the venal use of politics and inveigling and controlling the American public. The American Church, to include evangelicals and capitalist Pentecostalism of late, are also unwittingly worshiping and supporting an American Idol.  

And in effect, that is essentially what Pat Robertson and his crowd are doing, ushering in their own reified version of A New American led World Order and Kingdom Age.  Even Governor Perry, recent Republican presidential candidate, made no bones about his feelings of ceding from the Union, if things don't change in the direction that he and Southerners prefer.  

Article 1  This deceptive group that goes around posing as being righteous and religious, I believe, is responsible for sanctioning, if not engineering America's blue and red state divide; its burgeoning and seemingly permanent underclass; American hegemony; the high rate of unemployment; a world-wide economic crisis;  gender and racial discrimination; a willingness and a desire to break the economy; America's housing problem and an unwillingness to compromise.   

Article 2: The vituperation and anti-American rhetoric that is being expressed on America's airways, is coming from the mouths of the beast that has risen up from the Right Wing conservative's sea, that is those individuals, who openly identify with Right-wing religion not God.   Whoever thought, that the beast that was to rise up from out of the sea of people, would rise up from a mainstream religious group that claims to know and represent God?  

All of America's problems, I believe would have been dealt with long ago, and they will be done away with, if and whenever the power-brokers on the Right were to say so. At present, these folks are still willing to create chaos and to stand by and watch  their counterparts, the majority of Americans sink to nadir, in order to get what they want, power and control.    

Simply consider the uneven and unequal distribution of power, goods and wealth in this nation, that in its most recent iteration was done as a result of policies by the Reagan Administration!

A long time ago, the wrong, a group of Republicans, even in the ante-bellum South, who considered themselves to be right, in deference to their abysmal record of mistreating other non-white Americans (while they went to church mind you), have of late simply had enough with the way that America had and has been slipping away from their grip. 

For even though Republicans controlled the Presidency over the past 30 or so years, they have deflected blame, refused to take any responsibility for America's current condtion (despite the fact that they have controled the office of the President for the majority of time during the past 30 years.  Instead they have blamed the left (the goats), for all that is wrong with America, multi-culturalism, big government, the social welfare state, its faltering economy and America's other failings in America and abroad 

The fact of the matter is that America's crisis, going all of the way back to the late Ronald Reagan right down through George H. Bush Jr., in its latest iteration, is responsible for the shape that America is in today, its economy, the manner in which America is perceived in the world today.

And that is a misnomer, it is the rightists who are in control the majority of America's wealth, the government, its military and its activist, political church bloc.  However, they will never admit that they are the ones who screwed America.  Remove the Sword of Damocles I say, and the way to do that is to neutralize the power of the Right, who as one author, Pat Buchanan put it, "went wrong", and the did so a long time ago. 

Pat may not always know what's 'right' either, however, in this scenario, he knows what's wrong with the religious-political Right.

A decision made  several decades ago, on the Right, was to take control of America, by wresting power away from the majority of the American people and the government, and to place hand-picked people into positions of power.  They wanted other individuals who would obey their every beck and call, not that of the American majority.

And since that time, they have been controlling the American narrative, similar to the manner in which America was being controlled at its inception, right up and until the American Civil War, Abraham Lincoln and eventually Dr. Martin Luther King Jr and the America civil rights movement,  It was also a shooting war, with leaders like Dr. King, Medgar Evers being shot, and others arrested and still others having to flee America's shores.

For while Americans were sleeping, not me, they were busily sowing tares among the American wheat. But they have forgotten this, "that God in the shadows has been keeping watch above his own", also that God God has strategically placed watchmen in the mix who have been keeping an eye on the pretenders and misguided, who are not his own.  And I am one of those!

Don Pardo, these people are not servants of God, they are servants of a right-winged conservancy and rightist-fundamentalist, conspiracy, one that is going about to establish their own form of right-wing righteousness.  Isn't that what the Klan has always attempted to do, in the name of the Lord too?  And today the Klan, is getting far more help than it did before from mainstream religion. 

Given the kind of power that both them and  their leaders wield in church, their pulpits, and in the American media; coupled with the billions of dollars that they collect each year from their parishioners (that have been conditioned to believe that their church leaders are doing the work of the Lord), they have become a one-world force. 

Both their  framework and financial support is firmly set in place.  Their institution's aggregate income streams, trump the GDP of many nations in the world, even nations the size of Portugal.  Today, they are running the nation.  by using the power of the power of filibustering ...   And as a result, President Obama (a man that I did not vote for, so I don't have a dog in the fight) is as a result,  practically a caricature, and already a lame-duck President.  They have that kind of power, and President Obama was not skilled and experienced enough to face this kind of militaristic, religious and political juggernaut, when he threw his towel in the ring, roughly 3 years ago, I believe!

It kind of reminds me of the time when a potentially great fighter known as Big John Tate, went up against Cuban sensation, Teoflio Stevenson, before he was prepared.  That fight, similar to where the Obama candidacy appears to be headed, didn't last one round - get it.  It would appear that President Obama is headed for a first round knockout.   

He was unaware, given the lack of knowledge of the inexperienced team of neophytes who got him elected, of the  invisible fighter in the ring, that he was going up against. 

And I keep thinking, if this powerful group of self-righteous and self-directed Right-Wing Evangelicals ... wanted to make it happen, all of the suffering among America's struggling majority, would come to a sudden end.

Part I
world, correct?

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