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Wednesday, August 10, 2011

The Historical Successes & Failures Of White & Other Male Leadership

Part 3.  Next year's election, will be one of the most significant, if not telling in America's modern and post-modern history.

Just as it happened in 2008, the whole world will be watching, given their vested interest in what happens in a diminishing empire that has, for over half a century, set atop of what was a new  world order. It would appear that is about to change, and perhaps for the good of all humans in America and the rest of the world.  What typically happens to most empires, when too much power is wrested in the hands of a few, is happening to the American Empire and its satraps!

Question:  So what is there left to think about a male-dominant power group in the West; that currently sets atop the world; that wields America's military and economic might to its advantage, in order to acquire more power and wealth, to benefit its closed-in minority power group; that nearly brought the rest of the world near to economic class and causes the majority, not just most Americans, to needlessly suffer?

Hopefully, whoever takes over, if the USA doesn't blow up the world, will do a better job.  There is enough wealth in the world for everybody.  We miss leaders like Dr. Martin Luther King.


More Sagacious Americans, recognize that the American empire is imploding, given the ongoing failure of male leadership in the West.  The current crop, politicians, ministers, corporate executives, who by and large control the American macro-economic system, the federal and most state governments (along with the nuclear threat), are using their political, religious and economic power to procure their interests.

By contrast, the nations that have typically been demonized by male leaders in the West, are surging, and there is unrest among the United States, Great Britain and elsewhere.  Why?  The answer is simple, a change of leadership is needed and these boys and Anne, have overplayed their hand.

Let's consider the emerging Republican of China in contrast, for example.  In the past, the ROC was dominated by a small group of leaders at the top, that control the masses.  By contrast, western nations, particularly the United States and Great Britain, were also under the control of a smaller, but less apparent group of male leaders that defined the narrative, controlled the masses, the military, the church and the people of the nation.

And look where it has gotten us.  I can recall when I was a lad, perhaps a teenager I don't know, and someone gave me a small hand-held size pamphlet.  At the time, it was called The Red Book.  The book, as I recall was being distributed by Communist, or as we often say in the West, Red China.   Its thrust was 'the proletariat or working class movement'.

Of course if you were caught with one of these pamphlets you r name would have likely ended up on a subversive list, however, the fact of the matter, most Americans had jobs, sufficient incomes to provide for either themselves or their families with one jobs, and as a result I am certain that most Americans, as I was, for different reasons, were dismissive.

The term communism was a bad word, even though none of us really knew what it meant.  I was too young at the time to know what all of this meant either since I was in junior or high school at the time.  All I knew at the time was what my government told us, that Communism, and therefore nations or empires like the Chinese, Soviet and other empires were very bad.

In time I learned about something called spin.  I then recognized that all nations, even our own, had propaganda machines, and these machines were in place to protect the nation, or was it?  Thirty years later, and now I am much wiser.  I recognize that my own nation was spinning, just as much as an other nation, and that the ones who were doing the spinning, had their own interests in mind, not the needs of the people, minority, females and other non-white Americans.

It is amazing, that in less than 75 years, since the end of WWII, Americans are being forced to take a look at our style of governance, and the current outward trend in our nation in government, the church and with American corporations.

All of the sudden, the communist leaders don't appear to be nearly as bad as our own our own leaders are, who wield the power of this nation in order to further their own interest.  Clearly, our political, clerical and corporate leaders, have willingly conspired to place the military power, might and economic wealth under their control.

Lately, a more conservative church, are being influenced more and more by right-winged government controlled voices like Dr. Dobsen, Tony Perkins, oh and did I forget the government' power brokers and their skillful control of the American media, where we are inundated with the voices of conservative Right-Wing talkshow hosts who issue a daily dosage of Right-Winged propaganda, and some of these are religious leaders.

I was amused by a white minister, don't know his name, was preaching with bible in his hand and he launched in a tirade about those, "commi", and caught himself before saying bastard; keep an eye on the conservative church in America, they have an objective other than Jesus Christ!  That the world has suffered, on every Continent, and in many nations as a result of dominant male leadership has never been more evident than it is today.  And all of these nations, that are under the leadership of males, have at least one thing in common, their leaders use their positions to acquire power and wealth, while the masses suffer.

Well, that is until Betty Friedan, the Woman's Liberation came along.  Many Americans', especially males, believe that the emergence of these new female power groups, signaled the end of America, and what they meant was the diminishment or end of exclusive male control of the power, wealth and at home chattel, their wives and children.

Betty Friedan, was a blessing to females, and any free people for that matter.  Not only have women been liberated, to a substantial degree, males were liberated also.  What it signaled for us  was that we were not longer required to keep our knees, on the backs of other human beings all of their and all of our lives.  And trust me, WE, still have a long way to go, for you understand something intuitively, however, in practice, still be operating under an old paradigm. In other words, some of the 'old you', is still present even when you are trying to undue programmed and psychic damage.

Every once and while you still feel that little twinge, when a female gets up in your face, or when you fail to do what you were taught in some circles to do during a time past, "To keep them in check'.  Men's liberation is the freeing of males to get on with their lives in cooperation with females, as opposed to spending your lifetime trying to hold another individual in subjection.

And essentially, that moder of operation is what is destroying America today, from top to bottom.  We have still have a male-dominated nation, with leaders mostly male, that control the political, military and social power and might of this nation, from the purview of male perception.  And that perception means that we should control the power of this nation, at our institutions, no matter how poor we are at leading.  And where has it gotten us.

I suspect that in a new world order, that things will change somewhat, hopefully, it will.  However, I doubt that it will change for all human beings, as long as testosterone is the determinant.  Frankly, American male-dominated leadership sucks.  The Republicans on the Right, influenced mostly by males, and a few visible females, who are behaving like old-time males, have just about driven this nation into the ground. But yet, I hold out hope, that if nations like ROC, and Russia for example, that have thrown off the weight, of their oppressors and oppressive ideologies emerge as power-brokers in the world, that their influences will force change even in the United States.

Or perhaps some nation will come from out of nowhere like Mark Zucherburg, or with the power of Google, to become a tool, that will help to correct the problem of male leadership not only in the rest of the world, but in the United States too!  All of America, having witnessed the recent debacle in Washington, under the control of white males, ought to recognize that something is wrong, even if they don't necessarily know what the solution is, but one thing for sure the face in Washington, that is destroying a nation, is the face of male-dominated (and Anne-Coulter), leadership.

I'm not finished...  Will I appear on the subversive list, having written some of what I have written?  I don't see myself as being quite that important, however, I am firmly on the record of saying that I have to agree with individuals who I believed before were, in part the nut jobs.  Why?  They often sounded like conspiracy theorists who were spreading propaganda.  Guess what, these folks were ahead of the rest of us.  America is in the grips of fools, and many nations of the rest of the world are doing what they can to get up and from under jaundiced male-dominated leadership in America.  We have to learn to live with other nations of the world, without trying to force America's will upon them too!


And btw, I recently spent the last 9 months, living with a Chinese family.  The parents spoke very little English, their Junior High school aged son was the interpreter.  Frankly, I have never known kinder people.  POWER TO THE PEOPLE!

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